Hello I’m Jessika, a lifestyle, nature, and commercial Photographer

As a new photographer, I am constantly exploring the world through my lens, capturing moments and scenes that inspire me. Through my work, I strive to express my unique perspective and voice, while also honing my technical skills and artistic vision. Photography has given me a new way of seeing the world, and I am excited to continue to learn, grow, and share my passion with others. I am drawn to the way that a photograph can evoke emotion and tell a story, and I am always seeking to capture the beauty and essence of life through my art.

How it started...

I started exploring photography at a young age, sparking my curiosity and leading me to pursue a deeper understanding of the art form. This passion guided me to enroll in a digital media course during high school, which eventually led me to attend a trade school for graphic design. My educational journey continued at the University of Akron, where I initially pursued graphic design but found my true calling in photography, prompting me to switch majors during my sophomore year.

I've come full circle in my creative pursuits.

Although I still have a strong appreciation for graphic design, I have found that my talents shine brightest through photography. I hold certifications in the basics of graphic design from Lorain County JVS and social media management from the University of Akron. Additionally, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Photography.

I am deeply committed to delivering exceptional results that not only meet but exceed expectations. My diverse background and passion for photography drives me to create compelling visual experiences.


Fact 1

I was born and raised in Ohio,


Fact 2

I started my photography career by capturing close friends and family.


Fact 3

I enjoy film Photography.


Fact 4

I enjoy being out in nature from the nationals parks down to my small family farm.


Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Akron, Photography

Social Media Management Certification

May 2024 Graduated Magna Cum Laude

High School

Lorain County JVS, Graphic Design 

May 2020 Graduated 


    Mervyn F. Danison Photography Scholarship 2023-2024

Myers School of Art photography competition for Juniors and Seniors.

    Dr. Irving J. and Ruth B. Olson Photography Scholarship 2022-2023

Myers School of Art photography competition for Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors.

     Print and Graphic Design Scholarship 2020 -2022

Essay scholarship about who I was, What major I was going into and some of my accomplishments during high school.


     JVS Grant  2020

Essay grant for senior students going to college describing why I was going to college and what I wanted to major in


     T-Shirt Design Contest 2020

T-shirt contest for Juniors and Seniors to design class logos for the incoming student carpenters.

     BPA Local Contest  2020

Won Business Professionals of America’s local contest for graphic design students, competing against member of four other schools.


Myers School of Art Student Exhibition, January 25,2022


Myers School of Art Student Exhibition, January 25,2023

The 87th Annual Juried Exhibition, February 9,2023 – March 4,2023

Life Through The Lens, April 20,2023 - May 24,2024




Lightroom Classic - 4 Years 

Photoshop - 5 Years 

InDesign - 4 Years 

Illustrator – 4 Year 

After Effects – 3 Year

Premier – 3 Year 

Camera Lighting – 3 Years Commercial or Portrait Photography

Photography – 5 Years 

Commercial Photography – 3 year 

Fine Art Photography – 4 years 

Graphic Design – 4 Years Certified 

Social Media Management - 2 Year Certified

Sales – 5 Years 

Child and Adult Care6 Years 



Power Point Presentation, “About Myers School of Art ” Lorain County JVS, 9/15/2022.

Art Now Presentation, "How to Help Art Students ” Zoom Talk, 10/17/2023.


Photographer / Image and Video Editor / Graphic Design / Social Media Management

Jkimagery llc Photography, EST. 2021


Mary Schiller Myers School of Art

[ Volunteer], [Akron], 2021 – 2024

Trash clean ups at local parks

[ Self Volunteer], [Cleveland], 2021 – 2023

Lorain County Joint Vocational School

[ Volunteer / Tour Guide / sever], [Oberlin], 2018– 2020

Saint Martian of Tours 

[ Volunteer/ sever / camp counselor], [Valley City], 2010 – 2017